New Name, New Look

I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with this website a lot recently. For a while now, I’ve treated it as more of an online portfolio – so I had my name prominently displayed as the site’s title, without really giving as much emphasis to the fact that most of what actually goes on here is straight-up blogging.

Being that that’s what I actually want the site to be – a blog – I’ve decided to give it a proper name. I came up with “The Day Job,” which I think is a pretty suitable name for a blog that focuses so much on writing about careers and career development stuff. It’s a little ironic, in that blogging is most definitely not my day job. But it’s not like I write about blogging, is it?

One of the great underrated perks of bloggership is inventing new words playing around with new themes, layouts, colours, backgrounds, and all that fun stuff. So naturally, I couldn’t make a change like this without a corresponding new look. Hope you like it!