The Social Career Centre: Online Presentation for Malmö University

How Swede it is... to present at Malmö University!
How Swede it is… to present at Malmö University!

Just this past Sunday night, I had the very unique and excellent opportunity to give a presentation on social media as a tool for career education. It’s a session I’ve presented before (most notably, last June at the CACEE 2012 National Conference in Quebec City). The difference this time was that my audience was about 7700 km and a 9 hour time difference away in Malmö, Sweden!

If you care to view the presentation, feel free to have a look through the below Prezi.

It’s worth noting that I never really thought that I would be doing this kind of online presentation – at least not at this stage of my career. But, happenstance being what it is, a series of unpredictable events (which I did my best to remain open to) led me right to this point.

Two summers ago, we received a visit at SFU Career Services from three wonderful career advisors from Malmö University, who were doing some travelling in order to learn more about what post-secondary career centres were doing elsewhere in the world. This in itself was an unexpected experience – we don’t often get such visits!

It was really great to connect with colleagues from overseas (and from one of my two mother lands!), but I didn’t really expect at that point in time that anything concrete would emerge from the experience. So, as one does, I went along with life and work normally.

It was with a fair degree of surprise that I received an email from one of the Malmö advisors last fall – several months after giving my presentation in Quebec City – asking if I would be willing to give a similar presentation to their own team of career advisors, as they were looking to beef up their centre’s social media efforts. So I said, “of course!”

The presentation itself was a lot of fun to do, and despite the relative sophistication of the technology involved, there were pretty much no glitches! On that note, if anyone has ever wondered how well Prezi’s “present online” feature works, the answer is “really, really well.”

Here’s a snippet of the presentation itself. Please forgive the “ums” and “sort ofs” 😉