Presentation: Career Education & Campus Well-Being

Photo by @tangchoy
Photo by @tangchoy

Don’t you just love conferences?

Despite the fact that my personal well of social interactivity typically runs dry well before most conferences end, I always enjoy the opportunities conferences provide for intellectual stimulation and professional development.

Last week in my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE) held their annual national conference. The conference was full of lovely people both in the post-secondary career education and recruitment fields, and I left it with many professional takeaways and a lot to think about. As I have been wont to do of late, I gave what seemed to be a well-received presentation. The topic is one that might be familiar to readers of this blog: Career education and it’s role in campus health and well-being.

Here’s my attempt to describe the presentation’s bottom line in as few words as possible:

Campus health and well-being is a multidimensional and complex construct that must be described and intervened in holistically. It is not enough to provide individual level health interventions – post secondary institutions must create and maintain healthy campus communities in order to create resilient, creative, and engaged students and citizens. Career education, in normalizing and re-framing uncertainty, increasing hopefulness, and fostering action and engagement on campuses, plays a significant role in making our campus communities healthy.

You can see my presentation materials below, including some wonderful videos that bring the information to a new light. If you have any questions about it, please don’t hesitate to contact me!