Stop Learning From Rejection

My latest Career Options Magazine blog! This time, I compare romantic failure to the process of rejection in a job search. I even include a personal history of being turned down by girls! It's a heartwarming tale, with a healthy dose of self-deprecation. Hope you like it! Here's an excerpt: Just writing the word rejection … Continue reading Stop Learning From Rejection

Job (Re)Search – Part 3 & 4

As previously noted, I'm writing about how academic research and career exploration are similar over at Career Options Magazine these days. The most recent iterations of this series touch on ethics boards (shudder) and data collection (also known as getting action). Here are some excerpts. Part 3: Be Your Own Ethics Board In order to … Continue reading Job (Re)Search – Part 3 & 4

Job (Re)Search

I'm currently writing a series of posts at Career Options Magazine's blogspot using the metaphor of academic research to describe the career exploration and job search process. So far, it's been a lot of fun (and a great way to think about my own research a little bit differently)! Here are some excerpts: Part 1: … Continue reading Job (Re)Search

Summer Jobs: It’s Not Too Early

While things got a little bit crazy this week (last minute changes at work + mega-thesis writing deadline), leaving me without the will to live to spend time writing here, I did get to talk about summer jobs over at the Career Options Magazine blogspot! Here's an excerpt: Ah, the Monday after reading week. The faces on … Continue reading Summer Jobs: It’s Not Too Early

Reading Into Reading Week

My latest Career Options Magazine blog is posted! The topic this week? Reading week. Here's an excerpt: It’s got to be one of the happiest weeks of the semester. A shining beacon of hope amidst academic despair. An oasis in an arid scholastic landscape. A break of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy four months of … Continue reading Reading Into Reading Week