Loving Your Job vs. Loving Yourself

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"It's not about loving your job; it's about loving yourself in your job." This great piece of insight was given to me by a client recently, who had been given the advice from her father. I regularly ask clients to solicit honest feedback from people close to them, and it's gems like this that affirm … Continue reading Loving Your Job vs. Loving Yourself

Doing It Right: Know Your Employment Rights

Outside of the few posts I've written here on unpaid internships, I don't normally do a lot of talking about employment rights. I'm admittedly not much of an expert in the area (there are smarter bloggers out there who are), but it's an important issue, and despite lacking some of the "sexiness" of other topics, it's … Continue reading Doing It Right: Know Your Employment Rights

Three Things You Didn’t Know About Grad School

Despite successfully completing a Master of Arts degree in the recent past, I never thought I would be capable, academically speaking, of getting into grad school. It seems like we all know at least a few people - the real high achievers - for whom that doesn't seem to be the case. They walk the … Continue reading Three Things You Didn’t Know About Grad School

Why I Hate Personal Branding

Most people don't do too much thinking about the metaphors that they use on a day to day basis. Readers of this blog will know from past entries (Time Management Is A Crock;Do We Need A New Word For "Career?";Passion: The Enduring Debate; Calling It What It Is) that I see things a bit differently - … Continue reading Why I Hate Personal Branding

Does “Not In Demand” = Immoral?

I was chatting with an old friend not long ago about his career. His is an interesting story: currently a part-time farrier (one who shoes horses) with a full-time triathlon training schedule (competing at the world triathlon grand finals next week in London - go Richard!), his career trajectory originated in the culinary world. After … Continue reading Does “Not In Demand” = Immoral?