Intentionality: It’s Not A Secret

I find myself talking a lot about intentionality in my work, and every now and then it strikes me that clients may not know exactly what I mean by the word. I guess it falls into the same category as some of the other words I've been pondering recently (calling, passion, career, failure), in that … Continue reading Intentionality: It’s Not A Secret

Unpaid Internships: Drawing a Moral Line

In a post not long ago, I argued against unpaid internships on the grounds that they are socially unjust. It's not a new argument (see: Unpaid Internships: The High Cost of Free Work, Take This Internship and Shove It). The thesis of this argument follows a bit of an A+B=C format: because (A) unpaid internships … Continue reading Unpaid Internships: Drawing a Moral Line

Employment Scams 101

A student sits in my office, tears trickling down her face. I feel terrible. "I'm sorry to say this, but I think you've been scammed," I had told her a few moments before. I can remember her reaction: eyes widening, back straightening, shock and surprise showing clearly on her face. All she could say was, … Continue reading Employment Scams 101

Go Ahead, Contradict Yourself

My first ever counselling session. My first professional conference presentation. Defending my thesis. Pretty much any "first day on the job" I've ever had. Those last swollen seconds between "set" and the sound of the starting gun at the 100 metre event at high school track and field meets. An odd combination of sentences, but … Continue reading Go Ahead, Contradict Yourself

Calling It What It Is

"Passion" got a double treatment (Passion! Passion!) recently, so I thought I would move on to something with a slightly different flavour this time around: callings. What's a calling? Researchers have come up with a few definitions: A consuming, meaningful passion people experience toward a career domain A transcendent summons to a meaningful career that … Continue reading Calling It What It Is