Advice From My Dad: Don’t Be A Lawyer

In a previous entry about influences I alluded to a funny story about my dad regarding some career advice that he's given me in the past.  I figured that Fathers' Day weekend would be as good a time as any to write about it.  Happy Fathers' Day! While my dad and I get along really … Continue reading Advice From My Dad: Don’t Be A Lawyer

Invisible Influences?

Ah... the soothing, metallic lullaby of Neocitran in the evening. Some people don't like the taste, but to me, it's just the lemony flavour of a good night's sleep.  I would drink it even if I wasn't feeling sick.  Throw a little touch of honey in for good measure - it helps the sore throat, … Continue reading Invisible Influences?

The Resume of the Future

What will the resume of the future look like?  Considering how many other things have changed in the world of career development, it's kind of surprising to me that many of the conventions that apply to resumes and cover letters seem to be alive and well. That's not to say that some things haven't changed. … Continue reading The Resume of the Future

How to Succeed in Grad School, 7 – 9

Don't forget to read part 1 of How to Succeed in Grad School for tips 1 through 6. 7. Consider vampirism, or if that's too much for you, at the very least a decidedly inhumane nocturnal lifestyle Because you won't be seeing much of the sun anyway, and you're not legally considered a person anymore … Continue reading How to Succeed in Grad School, 7 – 9