How to Land Your Kid in Therapy

Stumbled across a great article on how "over-parenting" has lead to a generation of therapy-goers.  If you have the time (it's a 4-pager), it's a well-written and thought provoking piece - I very much recommend it. Here's an excerpt: Here I was, seeing the flesh-and-blood results of the kind of parenting that my peers and … Continue reading How to Land Your Kid in Therapy

Narrative Therapy: What’s Your Story?

I and the whole staff at work attended a training last week on a "narrative" method of career counselling led by Mark Franklin, the practice leader of a company called Career Cycles.  It's inspired me to write a bit about narrative therapy in general, especially as it applies to career development.  You might be wondering … Continue reading Narrative Therapy: What’s Your Story?

Depression: Inward Anger?

Emotions are a subject of considerable importance in most therapy settings.  It's pretty hard to do any kind of useful therapy without bringing emotions into the picture in some way.  Traditionally, this equates to the old standby that therapy is just talking about your feelings.  Although this is partly true, it would be a great … Continue reading Depression: Inward Anger?

Feeling Pie: The Real Emotional Eating

One of the greatest therapy metaphors I ever heard was from a friend who was seeing a psychologist for a while.  She was trying to explain how she felt worried about how someone in her life would react emotionally if she were to do something, I forget what it was but that's not really important. … Continue reading Feeling Pie: The Real Emotional Eating