Career Blogs I Actually Read

If there's one thing I've realized since getting into blogging about career stuff, it's that there's a lot of career related blogs out there. Case in point: this post, titled "100+ Career Blogs ALL Professionals MUST Read" (honestly, who has the time to read 100 blogs?). Unfortunately, most career blogs are pretty much the same. … Continue reading Career Blogs I Actually Read

Voice, Conciseness, & Opinion: A Blogger’s Best Friends

As the editor of my career centre's blog, one of the many joys I get to experience is the annual inundation training of those of our wonderful volunteers who aspire to contribute to the blog. I get to discuss things like "what makes a good blog article" and a few of the basics of good, simple … Continue reading Voice, Conciseness, & Opinion: A Blogger’s Best Friends

Post a Week 2011

If you're a regular reader you've probably noticed the badge on the sidebar (visible on the main page) that says "Post a Week 2011."  It's an initiative (as is "post a day 2011," which I'm just not man enough to commit to) that came up with this year to motivate bloggers to write more … Continue reading Post a Week 2011