Career Literature Review: Psychological Mobility In The Boundaryless Career Era

Career Literature Reviews is a regular series of posts wherein I delve into the career development literature in search of interesting findings, and discuss the articles I've read, along with a few of my thoughts.  --- Article Title: Being unemployed in the boundaryless career era: Does psychological mobility pay off? Authors: Sarah Vansteenkiste, Marijke Verbruggen, Luc Sels … Continue reading Career Literature Review: Psychological Mobility In The Boundaryless Career Era

Introducing: Career Literature Reviews!

About six weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to make a bigger commitment to being connected to the world of career development research. It's easy to become complacent around issues such as this - work is busy, after all. Even at times of year when there aren't as many students booking appointments (and those … Continue reading Introducing: Career Literature Reviews!

Calling It What It Is

"Passion" got a double treatment (Passion! Passion!) recently, so I thought I would move on to something with a slightly different flavour this time around: callings. What's a calling? Researchers have come up with a few definitions: A consuming, meaningful passion people experience toward a career domain A transcendent summons to a meaningful career that … Continue reading Calling It What It Is

Passion: The Enduring Debate

I like to learn about the origins of words. Not only is such "word etymology" educational, it's often both fascinating and startling to see how starkly the meanings of words shift over just a few centuries. Such was the case this morning, when I decided to look up the origins of the word "passion" - … Continue reading Passion: The Enduring Debate

Do We Need A New Word For “Career?”

When a post like last week's is as popular as it is (so far it's definitely the most-read article I've written here), it's rather difficult to know how to follow up. Of course, it's nice to have some momentum, and in an effort to leech build off of that momentum, I thought I would continue … Continue reading Do We Need A New Word For “Career?”