The Waiting Room

"'I'm here for an interview with, ah... Mr. Jenson." "Thanks," said the receptionist. He felt more than saw her purposeful scan of his appearance. In his mind, the just-noticeable wrinkles in his only white collared  shirt became words scrawled in thick, black permanent marker. I'm not good enough. A days' stubble. Hastily tied necktie. Thrift store dress … Continue reading The Waiting Room

Quarter-Life Crisis: It’s Real.


It's no secret that young people entering the workforce today are facing very different issues and challenges than their counterparts of generations past. You may have heard of the term "quarter-life crisis." You may even be thinking to yourself, 'I'm pretty sure I've had one of those!' Or maybe, you've watched the HBO series Girls, … Continue reading Quarter-Life Crisis: It’s Real.

Imagination as a Career Skill

"Knowledge is limited; imagination encircles the world" Albert Einstein Have you ever thought about how amazing it is that we have the capacity to imagine? It's part of the reason I was drawn to psychology as an academic discipline (only to later discover that psychology has a lot more to do with the empirical science … Continue reading Imagination as a Career Skill

How Do Career Professionals Help?

I often assume people know the same things that I know. I assume that people know what I can do for them. It's easy to get caught up in a limiting perspective. After all, we live our entire lives experiencing the world through the same organs of sensation and perception - it would be absurd not … Continue reading How Do Career Professionals Help?

Advice From My Dad Part 2: Make Yourself Irreplaceable

We all get career advice from our parents, and like it or not, that advice can become an influence on our career choices later in life. This is of course all well and good if the advice is sound, but oftentimes that's not the case. In fact, my observations from working with university students suggest … Continue reading Advice From My Dad Part 2: Make Yourself Irreplaceable