Emotions, Content, & Process in Careers

They make you cry in front of complete strangers. They make you shout at or hurt people, even if they did nothing to deserve it. They can be intensely energizing, just as they can be suffocatingly demotivating. When they grab hold of you, logic and reason cease to make sense. as we give in to … Continue reading Emotions, Content, & Process in Careers

Building Awareness of Self-Awareness

I spoke in my last post about comfort zones, strengths, and growth from within areas that we are already relatively comfortable.  It was a pretty straightforward account of how knowing what are strengths are can help us to build on and expand those strengths into new areas.  The problem, of course, is that this viewpoint … Continue reading Building Awareness of Self-Awareness

Empathy: Personal Growth and Beyond

Speaking from personal experience, when you’re a student in counselling psychology, you become very familiar with the term “empathy.”  The message that empathy is the cornerstone to successful therapy is practically pounded into your brain until you pretty much stop asking how or why it’s important, and start accepting it as mere fact.  It’s one … Continue reading Empathy: Personal Growth and Beyond

Feeling Pie: The Real Emotional Eating

One of the greatest therapy metaphors I ever heard was from a friend who was seeing a psychologist for a while.  She was trying to explain how she felt worried about how someone in her life would react emotionally if she were to do something, I forget what it was but that's not really important. … Continue reading Feeling Pie: The Real Emotional Eating