Beginning. Middle. End.

Beginning. Middle. End. It's such a simple idea, yet I'm always surprised how we find ways to avoid its inevitable progression. Can anything escape this fundamental narrative structure? I've had an ending quite recently - my last job - and with that comes a beginning that I'm living currently. The process of starting anew is … Continue reading Beginning. Middle. End.

Nail Yakupov: Emotions At Work Are Okay

Though I'm a big hockey fan, I rarely write about the sport. Today though, I'm feeling inspired. Full disclosure on what you're about to read: I'm a huge Edmonton Oilers fan. Last night, the hockey world bore witness to a memorable goal celebration by the Oilers' rookie forward, Nail Yakupov. With 4.7 seconds to go … Continue reading Nail Yakupov: Emotions At Work Are Okay

Depression: Inward Anger?

Emotions are a subject of considerable importance in most therapy settings.  It's pretty hard to do any kind of useful therapy without bringing emotions into the picture in some way.  Traditionally, this equates to the old standby that therapy is just talking about your feelings.  Although this is partly true, it would be a great … Continue reading Depression: Inward Anger?

I’ll see you around

"You must have the worst job in the world," a client once told my supervisor. I would be quite inclined to disagree, obviously.  However, the context in which these words were spoken lend them a strong element of truth. There are probably lots, but I'm hard pressed at the moment to think of many jobs … Continue reading I’ll see you around