Getting A Handle On Conflict

Conflict is an inescapable and completely necessary part of life. There's no denying it - people see and understand the world differently, and it's only a matter of time before perspectives clash, right and wrong get mixed up, and feelings get hurt. But it's pretty clear that different people handle conflict uniquely. Some seem to … Continue reading Getting A Handle On Conflict

Use Empathy to Master Your Next Job Interview

Busy week!  Sometimes it seems like there's a never-ending stream of students to see, employers to contact, people to follow up with, meetings to attend, and... well, blog articles to write! We had the good fortune up here at SFU to be a part of Sean Aiken's "Discover Your Passion" tour on Wednesday evening.  Don't … Continue reading Use Empathy to Master Your Next Job Interview

Empathy: Personal Growth and Beyond

Speaking from personal experience, when you’re a student in counselling psychology, you become very familiar with the term “empathy.”  The message that empathy is the cornerstone to successful therapy is practically pounded into your brain until you pretty much stop asking how or why it’s important, and start accepting it as mere fact.  It’s one … Continue reading Empathy: Personal Growth and Beyond