Unpaid Internships: Drawing a Moral Line

In a post not long ago, I argued against unpaid internships on the grounds that they are socially unjust. It's not a new argument (see: Unpaid Internships: The High Cost of Free Work, Take This Internship and Shove It). The thesis of this argument follows a bit of an A+B=C format: because (A) unpaid internships … Continue reading Unpaid Internships: Drawing a Moral Line

Career Literature Review: Psychological Mobility In The Boundaryless Career Era

Career Literature Reviews is a regular series of posts wherein I delve into the career development literature in search of interesting findings, and discuss the articles I've read, along with a few of my thoughts.  --- Article Title: Being unemployed in the boundaryless career era: Does psychological mobility pay off? Authors: Sarah Vansteenkiste, Marijke Verbruggen, Luc Sels … Continue reading Career Literature Review: Psychological Mobility In The Boundaryless Career Era

Calling It What It Is

"Passion" got a double treatment (Passion! Passion!) recently, so I thought I would move on to something with a slightly different flavour this time around: callings. What's a calling? Researchers have come up with a few definitions: A consuming, meaningful passion people experience toward a career domain A transcendent summons to a meaningful career that … Continue reading Calling It What It Is

Unpaid Internships: A Systemic Problem

It may sound paradoxical, but the ability to do an unpaid internship is a privilege. Yes, that's right. If you can work for free, you're lucky. But let me back up for a minute to talk about that big P word: privilege. It's not easy to talk about, and I don't expect it will be … Continue reading Unpaid Internships: A Systemic Problem

How To Say Goodbye At Work

Today I want to write about saying goodbye. It's something I've done before (see post: "I'll See You Around"), but recent experiences have inspired me to shed some more light on the topic. While my previous post had more to do with "terminating" (yes, that's the actual word that we use) therapeutic relationships in a … Continue reading How To Say Goodbye At Work