(Stop) Talkin’ Bout My Generation

Confession time: I think it would be really great if everyone decided that it was past due time to stop writing about millenials. You've worn me down, and I've had enough. Maybe there are readers out there who find these articles useful or enlightening. There must be, otherwise the glut of articles, websites, books, and self-proclaimed … Continue reading (Stop) Talkin’ Bout My Generation

Are Gen Y Redefining Adulthood?

Gen Y

Career counsellor Arlene Hirsch blogged recently about the book "Mission: Adulthood: How Twenty-somethings of Today are Transforming Work, Love and Life" by Hannah Seligson. I thought it was an intriguing post, and though I haven't read Ms. Seligson's book, (which has a different title on amazon.ca, by the way)  I'm captivated by its central idea, … Continue reading Are Gen Y Redefining Adulthood?

Unique Resumes: How Far Is Too Far?

One thing that I’ve noticed in sessions with students consistently since I started career advising is a hesitance in making their resume “stand out” visually.  It’s frequently seen as a risk – that if one too many steps away from ‘normal’ is taken, the seriousness of the document will be somehow irrevocably compromised. It’s an … Continue reading Unique Resumes: How Far Is Too Far?

Kids’ Brains Digitally Rewired? Zimbardo on Time Perspectives

I couldn't tell you how many Philip Zimbardo videos I've seen across two psychology degrees, but this one is a bit different.  Very interesting subject matter with many implications.  The animation, though, makes it worthwhile. Credit to Matthew Good for posting this video earlier today on his website.