Goals: Not Ikea Instruction Manuals

I was supposed to be an astronaut by now. At least, that's what six year old Dave would have you believe. He had some other ideas that didn't pan out, too (that giant house made of Lego would have been nice), but I won't blame him for being imaginative. It didn't stop there, though. Did … Continue reading Goals: Not Ikea Instruction Manuals

Unique Resumes: How Far Is Too Far?

One thing that I’ve noticed in sessions with students consistently since I started career advising is a hesitance in making their resume “stand out” visually.  It’s frequently seen as a risk – that if one too many steps away from ‘normal’ is taken, the seriousness of the document will be somehow irrevocably compromised. It’s an … Continue reading Unique Resumes: How Far Is Too Far?