The Waiting Room

"'I'm here for an interview with, ah... Mr. Jenson." "Thanks," said the receptionist. He felt more than saw her purposeful scan of his appearance. In his mind, the just-noticeable wrinkles in his only white collared  shirt became words scrawled in thick, black permanent marker. I'm not good enough. A days' stubble. Hastily tied necktie. Thrift store dress … Continue reading The Waiting Room

When You’re Wrong, You’re Right

"When you're wrong, you're right." These words, spoken by a student I saw recently, gave me pause. They were talking about confidence - or at least the appearance of confidence - in this instance pertaining to the context of a job interview. When you're wrong, you're right. It's not what you say that matters, but … Continue reading When You’re Wrong, You’re Right

Exams? More Like “Knowledge Exploration Invitations”

Exams on the long weekend... For those of you in this situation, you have my utmost sympathies.  Though, you're probably too busy studying to be reading my blog.  In any case, I'm sending all the positive vibes your way that I can. It's kind of ridiculous.  Back in my day (which really wasn't that long … Continue reading Exams? More Like “Knowledge Exploration Invitations”

Use Empathy to Master Your Next Job Interview

Busy week!  Sometimes it seems like there's a never-ending stream of students to see, employers to contact, people to follow up with, meetings to attend, and... well, blog articles to write! We had the good fortune up here at SFU to be a part of Sean Aiken's "Discover Your Passion" tour on Wednesday evening.  Don't … Continue reading Use Empathy to Master Your Next Job Interview