At The Bottom End: On Sucking At Your Job

The Lindskoog family tree is replete with musicians and formal musical education. Despite this, the first musical instrument I ever played seriously (outside of the recorder when I was about 10, and let's face it... that doesn't count) was the bass guitar when I was about 15 or 16. It was the early days of … Continue reading At The Bottom End: On Sucking At Your Job

Not An Expert, Don’t Want To Be

If you believe that one of the biggest perks of working in a helping profession is the feeling of being an 'expert' - of sitting in the 'power seat,' disseminating your vast knowledge to the masses of individuals coming through your office door, it would hardly be an original thought. After all, we grow up … Continue reading Not An Expert, Don’t Want To Be

Imagination as a Career Skill

"Knowledge is limited; imagination encircles the world" Albert Einstein Have you ever thought about how amazing it is that we have the capacity to imagine? It's part of the reason I was drawn to psychology as an academic discipline (only to later discover that psychology has a lot more to do with the empirical science … Continue reading Imagination as a Career Skill

Stay In Your Comfort Zone

We've all heard the phrase "comfort zone."  We've probably all been told at one point or another to get outside of it, too. But what exactly does that mean?  We can make all sorts of fancy diagrams and models to illustrate the concept, but does that really do justice to lived experience? This diagram appears … Continue reading Stay In Your Comfort Zone