You’re Not An Introvert (And You’re Not An Extrovert Either)

You're not special. At least, not in the way that most people mean when they use the word. In all likelihood, you're quite average. It's a matter of simple statistics. Despite our penchant for picking up on individual differences, there's not much that truly sets us apart as completely unique individuals.  Your story is one … Continue reading You’re Not An Introvert (And You’re Not An Extrovert Either)

Discipline Beats Time Management

I'm from the prairies. I've always loved a big, open skyline and an endless horizon. Having moved to the west coast, one of the things I notice frequently is that the coastal mountains do a very effective job of blocking out the horizon and making the sky seem much smaller. As much as I love … Continue reading Discipline Beats Time Management

Networking and the Extravert Bias

Being a pretty typical introvert, one of the things that I need to put more effort into than a lot of more outgoing people is building and maintaining new relationships.  Friends, coworkers, other professional contacts, you name it - any new relationship. I use the words "more effort" with purpose.  To say that networking with people … Continue reading Networking and the Extravert Bias