Working With Traumatic Stories in Narrative Career Counselling

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I had the pleasure last week of writing for the Career Counsellors Chapter blog of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. It's on a topic I'd been thinking about for a long while: what happens when a client tells a traumatic story in the process of narrative career counselling? Here's an excerpt: I’ve heard some … Continue reading Working With Traumatic Stories in Narrative Career Counselling

Originality, By Design

Besides your DNA, what's one thing about you that is true of no one else? You might be inclined to say that nothing about you is truly unique - there's nothing new under the sun, everything's been done, we're all just grains of sand in an existential desert. I wouldn't disagree with you - there … Continue reading Originality, By Design

Narrative Therapy: What’s Your Story?

I and the whole staff at work attended a training last week on a "narrative" method of career counselling led by Mark Franklin, the practice leader of a company called Career Cycles.  It's inspired me to write a bit about narrative therapy in general, especially as it applies to career development.  You might be wondering … Continue reading Narrative Therapy: What’s Your Story?