3 Mistakes & 3 Tips: Cover Letters

It's been an hour, and there's nothing but a blank screen staring back at you. The job posting closes in another couple hours, and you need to submit a cover letter to go with your resume in order to be considered for the position. But where oh where do you start? Sound familiar? For most … Continue reading 3 Mistakes & 3 Tips: Cover Letters

The Resume of the Future

What will the resume of the future look like?  Considering how many other things have changed in the world of career development, it's kind of surprising to me that many of the conventions that apply to resumes and cover letters seem to be alive and well. That's not to say that some things haven't changed. … Continue reading The Resume of the Future

Spring Into Your New Resume

Spring break! Do you remember the excitement?  The elation?  Waiting for months in the freezing cold -30 degree winters (okay maybe just if you’re from the prairies) for that glorious week that, for all intents and purposes, marked the beginning of spring? Ah, the unbridled joys of youth.  Sure, (most) university students have reading break, but by that … Continue reading Spring Into Your New Resume

Unique Resumes: How Far Is Too Far?

One thing that I’ve noticed in sessions with students consistently since I started career advising is a hesitance in making their resume “stand out” visually.  It’s frequently seen as a risk – that if one too many steps away from ‘normal’ is taken, the seriousness of the document will be somehow irrevocably compromised. It’s an … Continue reading Unique Resumes: How Far Is Too Far?