May 18th #HireCAN Summary: Career Development Theory

As many of my twitter followers likely already know, I've been participating in a weekly twitter chat for Canadian Career Development Professionals - called #HireCAN - for a few months now (and if you didn't know, that should explain the weekly burst of my twitter activity every Friday at 11 PST). Last week, I had … Continue reading May 18th #HireCAN Summary: Career Development Theory

When You’re Wrong, You’re Right

"When you're wrong, you're right." These words, spoken by a student I saw recently, gave me pause. They were talking about confidence - or at least the appearance of confidence - in this instance pertaining to the context of a job interview. When you're wrong, you're right. It's not what you say that matters, but … Continue reading When You’re Wrong, You’re Right

Narrative Therapy: What’s Your Story?

I and the whole staff at work attended a training last week on a "narrative" method of career counselling led by Mark Franklin, the practice leader of a company called Career Cycles.  It's inspired me to write a bit about narrative therapy in general, especially as it applies to career development.  You might be wondering … Continue reading Narrative Therapy: What’s Your Story?

Don’t Throw A Fit!

How many times and how many ways have you heard the word "fit" thrown around? I don't know if a three letter word has ever had such wide ranging implications.  Grammatically speaking, it's an adjective, a verb, and a noun.  Generally speaking, though, I'm pretty confident we can think of "fit" as referring to the … Continue reading Don’t Throw A Fit!