The Ethics of Working With Suicidal Clients

I wrote this essay years ago, when I was still in grad school and had no idea that I would end up specializing in suicide prevention later in my career! I came across it recently and thought it would be interesting to share it, edited for length including removing all research references (didn't think a … Continue reading The Ethics of Working With Suicidal Clients

How to Land Your Kid in Therapy

Stumbled across a great article on how "over-parenting" has lead to a generation of therapy-goers.  If you have the time (it's a 4-pager), it's a well-written and thought provoking piece - I very much recommend it. Here's an excerpt: Here I was, seeing the flesh-and-blood results of the kind of parenting that my peers and … Continue reading How to Land Your Kid in Therapy

I’ll see you around

"You must have the worst job in the world," a client once told my supervisor. I would be quite inclined to disagree, obviously.  However, the context in which these words were spoken lend them a strong element of truth. There are probably lots, but I'm hard pressed at the moment to think of many jobs … Continue reading I’ll see you around

1-800-DOCTORB. The B is for Bargain!

It just struck me as rather... juxtaposed... that I'm sitting here right now, doing some research for this post on none other than Dr. Drew of MTV fame while simultaneously listening to one of the best records ever recorded, Abbey Road by the Beatles. I suppose that one could be doing a lot of silly … Continue reading 1-800-DOCTORB. The B is for Bargain!

Lyrical Analysis

I've always been into trying to figure people out, but since training to be a therapist, it's hard not to think sometimes that this curiosity (that was once merely a habit and is quickly becoming a means of livelihood) can get out of hand.  Particularly because so often, there are no real answers, only hypotheses … Continue reading Lyrical Analysis