A BA That’s Definitely Not Worth It

Alternative titles for this post: Why I'll Probably Never be Rich; How Unemployment Became Profitable. Sometimes I stumble across something that simply hits a nerve. It doesn't happen too often, but when it does, my usually calm, big-picture perspective becomes uncharacteristically erratic and obsessive, at least until I've sorted out why it is that I … Continue reading A BA That’s Definitely Not Worth It

Fears of the 1994 Employer

Have you ever tried cleaning out an office used by several people before you (one of which I'm pretty sure filed everything he ever did) for a decade or so? It's a lot of work. I mean, I understand the importance of hanging on to things when they're important or sentimental, but do you really need … Continue reading Fears of the 1994 Employer

The Top 3 Reasons for Students to Be Optimistic

“A good manager doesn’t fire people, he hires people” – Michael Scott, The Office I’d be lying to you if I said that there wasn’t a lot of talk out there about some pretty negative stuff related to the job market for students these days.  And, there’s probably good reason to be concerned: BC’s unemployment … Continue reading The Top 3 Reasons for Students to Be Optimistic