My Answer To The Best Question You Can Ask

"How did you get to be where you are?" It's a question I'm asked a few times a month, sometimes more. It seems like I can tell when it's about to be asked, too. The person sitting across from me will pause, a sudden glint in their eye, a breath catching in their throat as … Continue reading My Answer To The Best Question You Can Ask

Game of Thrones Goes To University

As it's simultaneously one of the most enjoyable things I've read and seen in a long time, I've been thinking about how to write a post about A Game of Thrones while staying true to this blog's intent of providing educational/entertaining material related to careers and post secondary education. Just today, I came up with … Continue reading Game of Thrones Goes To University

Problems With Procrastination? Maybe Not

Around this type of year in any post-secondary education environment, there's only one thing on students' minds: exams (or as I prefer to call them, "knowledge exploration invitations"). It's a bit of a shame, too, as there's other, happier things to be thinking about around this time of year. Nonetheless, amid bulging auras of festivity … Continue reading Problems With Procrastination? Maybe Not

University, or Masquerade Ball?

I'm feeling a little philosophic today, so I'll ask: Just what is authenticity all about? We've been talking about it at work in regards to job interviews, but it's clear that the construct applies to a lot more than just that.  But it's a slippery thing to try to define.  When applied to people, the … Continue reading University, or Masquerade Ball?