One way of telling this story starts at 10:01 AM, on an oppressively hot summer day, in a mysteriously cold hospital delivery room. My wife, at that moment to me simultaneously at her most human and superhuman, on one bed; our seconds old daughter, flailing and blue, on another; all of us waiting for her … Continue reading Fatherhood

Highlights From #AAS16, Part 1

Image: Don't Let My Love Grow Cold Chicago by Chris Smith on Flickr.  ||   Since diving into suicide prevention work a few years ago, it's safe to say I've learned a lot. The great bulk of that new knowledge comes from my therapeutic work, as each new client teaches me about their life and how they survive … Continue reading Highlights From #AAS16, Part 1

The Ethics of Working With Suicidal Clients

I wrote this essay years ago, when I was still in grad school and had no idea that I would end up specializing in suicide prevention later in my career! I came across it recently and thought it would be interesting to share it, edited for length including removing all research references (didn't think a … Continue reading The Ethics of Working With Suicidal Clients

How (Not) To Talk About Suicide

I apologize for the rough and rambly nature of this article - it's been a while since I've written anything, and I just wanted to capture the inspiration while it was there!  I won't blame you for feeling afraid when the issue of suicide is raised. I won't blame you for feeling confused, for finding … Continue reading How (Not) To Talk About Suicide

Suicide And Death: A Complicated Relationship

Creative Commons image from JD Hancock "Sometimes I really want to kill myself." "I hear that's bad for your health!" The above exchange took place between a suicidal teenager and their friend. At first the joke might seem a bit insensitive, but in reality it captures a nuance about suicidal thinking that's rarely discussed: suicide … Continue reading Suicide And Death: A Complicated Relationship