Reflections on September

My schedule over the next two weeks is full. I'm bouncing back and forth between campuses. I've given up on the blissful, even if pointless, pleasure of having  zero emails in my inbox. My throat feels especially raw, and my voice has that soft sort of gratey-ness that only comes from talking too loud and … Continue reading Reflections on September

Not An Expert, Don’t Want To Be

If you believe that one of the biggest perks of working in a helping profession is the feeling of being an 'expert' - of sitting in the 'power seat,' disseminating your vast knowledge to the masses of individuals coming through your office door, it would hardly be an original thought. After all, we grow up … Continue reading Not An Expert, Don’t Want To Be

Problems With Procrastination? Maybe Not

Around this type of year in any post-secondary education environment, there's only one thing on students' minds: exams (or as I prefer to call them, "knowledge exploration invitations"). It's a bit of a shame, too, as there's other, happier things to be thinking about around this time of year. Nonetheless, amid bulging auras of festivity … Continue reading Problems With Procrastination? Maybe Not

Voice, Conciseness, & Opinion: A Blogger’s Best Friends

As the editor of my career centre's blog, one of the many joys I get to experience is the annual inundation training of those of our wonderful volunteers who aspire to contribute to the blog. I get to discuss things like "what makes a good blog article" and a few of the basics of good, simple … Continue reading Voice, Conciseness, & Opinion: A Blogger’s Best Friends

Dear High School Class of 2011…

Dear high school graduating class of 2011, Hi.  It's me, Dave - I was one of the smiley, energetic people handing out popcorn last night when you came up to visit SFU for our open house, "Info Eve."  Congratulations, by the way!  It's a pretty cool experience to be offered acceptance to any university, let … Continue reading Dear High School Class of 2011…