The Ethics of Working With Suicidal Clients

I wrote this essay years ago, when I was still in grad school and had no idea that I would end up specializing in suicide prevention later in my career! I came across it recently and thought it would be interesting to share it, edited for length including removing all research references (didn't think a … Continue reading The Ethics of Working With Suicidal Clients

How (Not) To Talk About Suicide

I apologize for the rough and rambly nature of this article - it's been a while since I've written anything, and I just wanted to capture the inspiration while it was there!  I won't blame you for feeling afraid when the issue of suicide is raised. I won't blame you for feeling confused, for finding … Continue reading How (Not) To Talk About Suicide

Goals: Not Ikea Instruction Manuals

I was supposed to be an astronaut by now. At least, that's what six year old Dave would have you believe. He had some other ideas that didn't pan out, too (that giant house made of Lego would have been nice), but I won't blame him for being imaginative. It didn't stop there, though. Did … Continue reading Goals: Not Ikea Instruction Manuals

One Word

She glanced up momentarily as her hands relentlessly picked away at a tissue in her lap, eyes moist and reddened, yet unable to mask an inner resolve as hard as steel.  The counsellor across from her shifted in his chair, and casually folded one leg over the other.  When he spoke, it was with a quiet hope that his voice would not … Continue reading One Word